When I bought csaba.page domain I also decided to try Netlify for hosting. It’s free just like as GitHub static page hosting (a.k.a. gh-pages) and it’s also Jekyll capable. The earlier version was truly one page, however I’ll start blogging. For the original page I used Bootstrap 3 Native version which is a jQuery-less Bootstrap implementation. Now that I have a Blog section and I added About as well I needed a menu, so I had to bring back jQuery. I took the chance and upgraded to Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 3.

Website source code

Future plans involve optimizing load by slimming down as much JavaScript and CSS as possible. Upgrading to Bootstrap 4 got rid of the glyph icon fontset. Bootstrap 4 CSS however refers to Google Montserrat font. I’ll see how this can be optimized. I will slim the JavaScript content, which currently only used for the hamburger menu and the carousel. I’m eyeing: Materialize, Material UI, ZURB Foundation.

I’m contemplating to try Eleventy (inspired by benediktmeurer.de) instead of Jekyll along with a headless CMS API for blog posts.

I’ll work through improvements the Lighthouse tests shows.

Finally, I’ll keep the blog alive.