Universal Software Engineer

Remote developer team lead at SportsBoard Athlete Assessment Platform

Residing in the California Central Valley (Fresno), while working remotely for Bay Area business (Sausalito headquarters)

Software consultancy services in my competency areas

Tech community lead and co-organizer (Google Developer Group Fresno, Woman Techmakers Fresno ambassador)

Avid Community Tech Leader

Nashville Java User Group co-founder (2010 February, with Greg Turnquist from Spring Source)

GDG Fresno and Women Techmakers Fresno co-organizer since 2016 April

Multi-platform architectural CAD software:

Central California .NET User Group co-organizer

Ex-secretary of Nashville .NET User Group co-organizer

Founding donator of Root Access Hackerspace, member of: Fresno Data Science Meetup, NLUG (Nashville Linux User Group), FOSUG (Fresno Open Source User Group), co-founder of Central California Java User Group

Tech Lead / Team Lead at SportsBoard Athlete Assessment Platform

Joined Apr 2015 and became lead in November 2017

Sport analytics software

Coding while managing a full remote team

Python/Django development, REST API iOS client

MySQL, PyCharm, nginx, Linode

HTML5, CSS, JS, Bootstrap

Lead Engineer at Csaba Consulting services

Established in 2014 summer

ThruThink financial investment assesment software, financial analytics

ASP.NET MVC backend, HTML5+CSS+JS+bootstrap front-end

SpreadSheetGear component use

Way to Gold: integrating Amazon In-App Purchase system into an Android application written using Unity

FUSD: Developing an HR assistant software suite, which helps to Fresno Unified School performing tasks during District with hiring, recruiting employees. ASP.NET MVC platform with Knockout.js.

Decade Software Company

October 2012 to April 2014

Developer of an Environmental Health Software

C#, .NET 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5

Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, Microsoft Team Foundation Services

MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012

IdeaBlade, Unity, Moq, nUnit, xUnit, NSubstitute, FluentAssertions

WPF, Cliburn.Micro, MEF, Reactive Extensions, WinForms

Agile, Scrum methodology

Crystal Report, Microsoft Reporting Services

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

February 2010 to June 2013

Java enterprise development, record linkage and genomic data protection research, Netezza appliance.

Java, J2EE, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GWT, ExtJS, GXT, Maven, JBoss, awk

Eclipse, SVN, GitHub, Linux, Windows

HIPAA & IRB certified

Project: SOEMPI (Secure Enterprise Master Patient Index)

Project: FairplayBI 2-party SMC (Secure Multi-party Computation) which can handle arbitrarily large integers

Netezza appliance (MPP Massive Parallel Processing appliance) evaluation and use with patient record and genetic data analysis projects

Project: Java implementation of Paillier homomorphic encryption based on UT Dallas code

Software Enginner at Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Vanderbilt University

September 2007 to February 2010

GME Generic modeler and meta-modeler CAD software, open source

Lead developer / maintainer after September 2008.

OCL correctness proofing and correctness proofing and code generation capabilities

Used for distributed embedded system projects, aviation and motor industry, classified projects and more

Technologies: C, C++, ATL, MFC, COM, STL, Java, Eclipse, OSGi framework, Eclipse plug-in

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, SVN, CVS, JIRA, ArgoUML, Windows XP / Vista / 7

GME - Improved UI look and feel, added docking and toolbars using MFC Feature Pack

GME - Leveraged GDI+ to enable gradient fills, anti-aliasing, and vector graphics in CAD plan windows

GME - features, such as bottomless in-place editing and resizability of graphical elements

GME - Migrating GME CAD software into Eclipse as an Eclipse plug-in

Software consultant for Universito of Alabama Birmingham

August 2007 to July 2009

MRI data analysis software for identifying cardiac infracts

Implemented multi-threading capable, XML configurable, high-speed core in C/C++

Implemented WinForms (.NET) based GUI written in C#

T1, T2, T2* type MRI image analysis

GPGPU and multi-platform versions are under progress See less

CAD software developer

July 2001 — September 2007, preceded by a summer internship from June 2000 — September 2000

ArchiCAD: multi-platform (Windows and Macintosh) Architectural CAD software localized to 20+ languages

Multi-platform, multi-language large codebase development, GUI development

C, C++, Win32, STL, Cocoa, home-brew multi-platform I/O, GUI, 3D and other libraries

Microsoft Visual Studio, XCode, Code Warrior, Perforce, CVS, Enterprise Architect, TestTrack

Architected and developed a GUI designer tool for the internal widget set and resource format

Implemented CAD metric based bottomless in-place RichText editor control