Software Engineering

Desktop software development, web software front-end and back-end, mobile applications, IoT applications.

C/C++, Java, C#, Python, JavaScript

Linux, Windows and Mac OS, operating systems - you name it

Hadoop and emerging big data technologies

Analytics solutions

All major ecosystems, cloud architectures and design

.NET, Azure, Microsoft

Java, Spring, Oracle

Amazon cloud solutions and Google Cloud Platform

Android applications, Firebase

Python / Django analytics software suite

Sport analytics stratup

MySQL backend over Linode

REST API, responsive design front-end


.NET / C# financial analytics software

Azure cloud back-end

Excel integration with SpreadSheetGear


Android and multi-platform mobile applications

Multi-platform (Android, Web, Desktop) game with Google Play integration: Deal-O-Round

Conference companion Android app: Valley DevFest 2017

Web Applications

Visualizations of data analytics

Progressive Web Apps, web components and Polymer (Valley DevFest, IWDC for years 2016-2020)

Emerging technologies like React, newer versions of JavaScript

Java Software Development

Java Enterprise applications, Spring framework, Hibernate, GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

Privacy preserving record linkage tool using state-of-the-art technologies: SOEMPI

Secure Multi-party Computation software: FairplayBI

CAD software engineering

C/C++, Windows and Mac OS platforms

Multi-platform architectural CAD software: ArchiCAD

Generic Modeling Environment: GME