Augmented Reality Map Application - part 1

How I got inspired at Google I/O, how I got starstruck by Romain Guy, and how this all connects to Valley Devfest

Joint TFC - GDG Google Plex visit

After last year's trip we had another version today.

On the side note of service availability

I wanted to write about this three weeks ago. Service outages happen.

Preparing for Material Design transitions

I've mentioned the Material Design transition before and I'm getting closer. There are some interesting info here however.

Optimizing Images for your Website

Today's step was to optimize some images

Disqus integration and font self hosting

Follow-up on the latest webite progress

Latest changes and plans to this site

Follow-up on the post a week ago

Service workers for your PWA (Progressive Web App) website

Manifest for PWA is a no brainer, but what about service workers?

Website details and evolution

How I'll keep evolving this website.

Fixing Google VR View

The Google VR View started misbehaving multiple times in the past, and since it's archived project now, I needed to roll up my sleeves to fix it.

New top level domains

I migrated my old personal website onto one of the new top level domains.