DevFest on demand 2019

Jan 24, 2020

Valley DevFest 2019 was a great conference in my opinion. We hired GMAC to record 15 of our sessions. This was Andrew’s idea and it turned out to be an excellent one (although it might have seemed expensive from some angles, but it was well worth it in the end). The video service included editing and each camera had a videographer who were actively zooming to the presenter or the demonstrations. Overall 15 sessions were recorded plus the opening and closing keynotes (see a full list later).

Later in 2019 I nominated all of Valley DevFest 2019’s talks and completed submission to the DevFest on demand 2019 conference which is an on-line edition of DevFests. It contains a collection of the best talks out of all the several hundreds of DevFests occured all around the world judged by Google. Good news is that 6 of our talks got featured! You can spot them easily if you filter by North America region on the DevFest on demand 2019 website, but I’ll list them all here for completeness:

Here is the list of all DevFest on demand talks, from all regions, all years.

Here is the list of all Valley DevFest 2019 recorded talks:

  1. Rio Waller: Opening Keynote
  2. Holly Sowles & Laura A. Huisinga: Intelligent Interior
  3. Rob Aguilera: Frontend Architecture
  4. Bianca Toledo: Breaking into User Experience Design
  5. Jason Cooksey: Practical User Experience Strategies
  6. Derek Payton: Getting Comfy with MicroPython
  7. Garrett Temple: Raspberry Pi Computing
  8. Jason Cooksey: Doing Cool Stuff with Arduino
  9. Andres Lopez: Hacking Life with BLE
  10. Rio Waller: Machine Learning Workflow
  11. Kevin Moore: Intro to Android
  12. Steven Hollingsworth: Operations, security, company culture, technical debt, and you!
  13. Csaba Toth: Git workflows
  14. Anna Ingels: Build Your Own Brand
  15. Rusty Robison: Demystifying Layout with CSS Grid
  16. Mia Kay Bentzien: Bring your Designs to Life : From 3D Sculpting to 3D Printing
  17. Andrew Runner: Closing Keynote

I’m super proud of all of our speakers (not just the recorded sessions), and especially good job of those who made it to the on demand selection.

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