Disqus integration and font self hosting

Jul 21, 2019

The website functions but the evolution will never stop.

I mentioned the Google font problem in my previous blog post. I dig deeper and it turned out that the best way is to self host the fonts, see Reference 1, Reference 2. The good news is that for downloading there’s a nice tool written by Mario Ranftl which is a great help: google-webfonts-helper.

The other recent change is the integration of Disqus. I tried to apply preload but had to give up on that because the browser was warning and the crossorigin tag was causing trouble as well.

New test runs regarding the site:

  1. Official Lighthouse: 99 / 97 / 85 / 100
  2. webpagetest.org Lighthouse : 95 / 97 / 93 / 100
  3. webhint.io scanner: 68 hints. Many of these are Netlify hosting things, which are out of my jurisdiction (unless I change host)


  1. Image optimization, Cloudinary is a good point to start. I’m afraid I won’t use WebP, because Safari doesn’t seem to support it yet.
  2. Ditch jQuery + Bootstrap and migrate to MDL (Material Design Lite).
  3. Cut JS and SCSS fluff from the get go and use post-processing unused CSS/JS removal
  4. Headless CMS headlesscms.org. I’m exploring Google Spreadsheet / Docs as possible headless CMS. Especially that later I’ll use my experience to migrate the gdgfresno.com website form Squarespace.
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