Chrome Dev Summit and Website Changes

Dec 9, 2020

Updates on recent website changes and shout out to Chrome Developer Summit

Supporting more exercise equipment

Nov 27, 2020

My plans to support iOS devices and more exercise equipment for the future of Track My Indoor Workout

The Joy of Production Only Bugs

Nov 26, 2020

Tackling Release only Bugs and adding a ton of user experience enhancements

Schwinn IC4 / IC8 and Bowflex C6 support

Nov 13, 2020

Finally the first version of Schwinn IC4, Schwinn IC8, and Bowflex C6 support arrived!

The Track My Indoor Workout Application

Sep 25, 2020

An interesting journey to write a Flutter exercise recorder which fully supports Precor Spinner Power Chrono

Reimplementing the Deal-O-Round game in Flutter - part 2

Sep 2, 2020

Flutter is so powerful on it's own that I could reimplement Deal-O-Round without any game engine libraries

Reimplementing the Deal-O-Round game in Flutter - part 1

Sep 1, 2020

Looking back at the history and tech stack of the Deal-O-Round game as a preparation for the reimplementation

GitHub Profile README

Aug 18, 2020

Mandatory blog post about GitHub's Profile README feature

AndroidX PreferenceFragmentCompat scaffolded SharedPreferences encrypted with Jetpack Security

Aug 16, 2020

How to encrypt SharedPreferences with JetSec along with PreferenceFragmentCompat XML scaffolded UI in Kotlin

More Sceneform AR physics experiment

Jul 19, 2020

I added a new scenario to my Sceneform AR Physics app and fixed some issues