How Twitter is Being Destroyed Along With Countless Businesses and Lives

Aug 14, 2023

As a developer I have insights on certain happening behind the scene and these even bubbled up to the end user surface

My First Two Flutter Plugins and Track My Indoor Workout News

Jul 22, 2023

I had to fork two unmaintained plugins in desperation plus I tell all the latest struggles with my Flutter fitness app

Google Maps Hackathon Prize Win and a New AR Tree Walk Guide

Jan 31, 2023

The Recycling Trashcan AR Map winning a hackathon prize and stepping up my AR game with another Geospatial API Tree Walk Guide AR app

Policy aligning with the legacy of Aaron Swartz

Sep 6, 2022

A recent White House announcement was something of a surprise, and it aligns with certain activism of Aaron Swartz

Using Geospatial API for Augmented Reality Maps

Aug 31, 2022

The Geospatial API announced at the 2022 Google IO conference allows the implementation of previously impossible augmented reality maps

The Right to Repair and Our Future

May 1, 2022

How the course of the Right To Repair movement will determine the fate of our future ownership

Going Open Source under GPLv3 but not being Google Dev Library worthy

Mar 15, 2022

I pulled the plug on becoming open source but the software did not hit the bar for Google Dev Library inclusion

Installing Flutter SDK via Snap or Brew

Dec 30, 2021

When installing Flutter SDK from Snap or Brew, stick to the CLI for upgrades

SUUNTO, Under Armour Integrations and Other Enhancements

Nov 7, 2021

I'd like to give update you what's new and what is coming up for Track My Indoor Workout application

Flutter V1 vs V2 Embedding, deprecated Android APIs and Colliding Kotlin Versions

Oct 30, 2021

There are several hot points to keep an eye out for beyond Dart sound null safety especially when you have forty dependencies