All of my SceneForm AR projects started to crash with runtime exceptions

Jun 20, 2020

Do you experience java.lang .ClassNotFoundException for .filament.gltfio.Gltfio or android.view .InflateException of Binary XML file line 22 or 23? I got your back!

Do-It-Yourself GPS Tracker and Manager

Jun 9, 2020

Free open source application set for tracking asset locations and managing them

Google Custom Search Engine on an AMP website

May 31, 2020

How to integrate Google powered custom search into your AMP website

AMP website cookie consent and further tuning

May 22, 2020

Cookie consent popup is introduced, improvements were made in several departments

AMP website improvements

May 10, 2020

I'm using CloudFlare with AMP Real URL, GitLab Jekyll hosting, pagination and more improvements